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Būsena: Prekyboje

2.200,00 €

Trumpas aprašymas

Vestuvinės suknelės Complice Stalo Theodorou (2013)

Kolekcija Full Bloom

100% orginalas

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2.200,00 €


ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIME: 17 to 19 weeks to us from date of cleared payment. As these are special order gowns, we recommend allowing a minimum of 21 weeks for delivery to you, alterations and any unexpected surprises. Please note, this designer sometimes runs later than standard estimates based on order volumes. If you are unsure about whether you have sufficient lead time to order, please contact us in advance. We reserve the right to require a rush cut or cancel an order if lead time is insufficient.

**Please see our policies page for discussion about estimated delivery dates. Please be sure to indicate your actual wear date. Close wear dates do not expedite delivery. Please be sure to follow recommended order time frames.